Monday, December 24, 2012

Play Arts Kai : Ledger Joker & Hathaway Catwoman

Play Arts Kai : Anne Hathaway Catwoman & Ledger Joker

To clarify first, I'm not yet a fan of Play Arts Kai as I am considering to turn from Hot Toys to Play Arts Kai once I have completed my Hot Toys Avengers series. Or else I would specify Play Arts Kai for DC, Hot Toys for Marvel and random Revoltech as well as Figma for Anime.

Urghh, I suppose you guys don't care about my future plan anyway. Hehe.

Anyway here's the news
about latest Play Arts Kai action figure which will be launch probably in July 2013, Ledger Joker & Hathaway Catwoman.

Heath Ledger Joker
Grunge look on this Joker I believe makes him much badder & villanious than actual Joker. 
As Ledger Joker's fan, the action figure really makes me go wow wow and I probably going to get it for my first Play Arts Kai collection. Well actually second because i would love to have Anne Hathaway's Catwoman first. Haha.

Anyway you can see from the detail the quality would be no problem, in which we speak for an action figure with this size. FYI the Joker will come with 2 sets of heads, which are the normal head & clown robbery mask, 2 alternate set of hands, a knife and a pair of playing cards.

Want to pre-order? You can simply do that here: The Big Bad Toy Store
The Joker sets.

Anne Hathaway Catwoman

Dangerously looking Catwoman for your collection, an alternative way
to collect a figure instead of Hot Toys Catwoman.
Who would've fall into the sweetness, fatally gorgeous Selena Kyle a. k. a Catwoman in The Dark Knight Rises? So now you have your chance to make her as part of your collection with this Play Arts Kai's Catwoman, estimated to be launched also on July 2013.

Catwoman comes with three alternate hands and a pistol (Too bad there's no Batpod for her) with nice articulation (As what showed in the pictures). 

Want to pre-order? You can simply do that here: The Big Bad Toy Store
Catwoman's sets

Nice bu.. I mean back.


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