Tuesday, December 25, 2012

[EVENT] Comic Fiesta 2012 KLCC, Malaysia

Babes from War Of Tank booth.
It has been how many years? I guess 6 years has passed since the last time I went to comic fiesta, maybe more due to my hectic schedule at college and office. It was only as big as tennis court but now, it filled up all the convention centre area at our landmark, KLCC. It's a good development as I believe it means more and more people started to love anime and manga stuff.

Danny Choo

This guy was actually the reason why I really wanted to go to this year's Comic Fiesta. I really wanted to see him as I actually want to learn what he had done thru his works until he becomes one of well known collectors and blogger. My meeting with him, even though just for a few second, help me to learn nothing because of too many crowd. Haha.. Failed. :'(

But even so, he was kind, humble and very friendly. I hope I can see him once again and this time, I won't let my chance slip away to learn more.


Why? I was expecting something more in this event actually. Not just a usual collector stuff, painting and drawing or whatsoever. Another reason I went there was because I really hope there's a Dollfie or Obitsu booth which I really need the most right now.

I really hope the booth will be there next year, as it was as hard as heck to find Dollfie's accessories here in Malaysia.

After all, I do hope for something as big as fiesta in Japan or US which gather more and more collectors and toy blogger for the next event. Pleaseeeeeeeeee~

Anyway for now let me leave all of you with some of the best dang thing that happened during the fiesta. Let's Jump!!

Best combination : Honda CRZ & Mirai Tsuenaga.
That view...
Credit to : Joshuaongys

Credit to : Joshuaongys

Credit to : Joshuaongys

Credit to : Joshuaongys

Friendly Gundam. Hehe

Swap2!! The dynamic Mirai body being attached with different anime characters' head.
Now Mirai have many schoolmates!! Hehe..

Up close to Dollfie's Mirai. Hope Danny Choo can give it to me... Haha
... And I don't have even one!! Sobz... :'(


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