Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Original Effect Will Release Army Attractive's Hasuike Sunayuki

Bet me, I never heard of the series (Geez, what do you know?) but once introduced by my reseller friend, it caught my eyes so I made some research of what is the figure is all about so here goes;

"Naxi has create "Army Attractive",Viola. The bio tech warrior. 
AAtech has reach the highest point of world technology. Many 
countries has try tocopy it from them, they are success. They 
copy by genetic code from the deadbody. Hasuike Sunayuki is one 
ofthe success AA warrior from Japan, Sanayuki has the same
ability and skill like Viola. She is the best Japanese spy in 
covered withcorte"

So as what it says on the web. What is Viola you said? Here she is.

And here is 1/6 Viola FYI

The figure will comes with

Standby foot
Sakuran Wafuku Surcoat
Wafuku Underdress
Breast Knot
Vertical belt
Bondage Cord

Let's have a quick look on this beautiful figure...

So Hasuike Sunayuki will be released estimatedly on second quarter of 2013 and cost around USD$110.


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