Sunday, January 20, 2013

Caras Short Movie

A video I made based on my friend's idea. Let's Jump!!

Real Disney Princess Painting


Let's take a break from toys updates for these amazing pictures, which i just wanna share with you guys artworks creatively painted by Jace Wallace, which drew most of Disney Princesses according to his own imagination. Let's Jump!!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Original Effect Will Release Army Attractive's Hasuike Sunayuki

Bet me, I never heard of the series (Geez, what do you know?) but once introduced by my reseller friend, it caught my eyes so I made some research of what is the figure is all about so here goes;

Marvel x Goodsmile : Nendoroid Spider-Man & Ironman Hero Edition!!

Nendoroid - First created by Goodsmile Co. back in 2006. I'm not actually a Nendoroid Fans even though I've seen so many lovely photos taken by Nendo lovers.

Photo taken by @alictoya (Instagram)

Basically Nendoroid often refers to Anime or Manga character but what drives me to make an article about Nendoroid today wasn't because of that reason. But THIS!!