Saturday, October 15, 2011

The Blade of Gambling Dark Knight. :P

Finally! After years of searching (for cheap) Blade and Gambit, I finally managed to grab them at my regular action figures' store. Well I know there were plenty of them overseas but to get one in Malaysia is like hell. Well, Alongside both of the figures I also bought an interesting Batman action figure that I'm not sure from which version but I love how simple the Batman is.

Does anyone knows where these Batman came from?

Well, if you see there's nothing flashy or symbols attached to the bat and for me, it looks way cooler and more heroic as a hero should save people rather than put some trendy logo or whatsoever. Hehe.

Anyway my instinct strongly says that the bat is from Dark Knight series. Correct me if I'm mistaken. :)

The next one would be one of my favorite characters in Marvel Universe, Blade. I searched for the action figure for ages and well, what a fate, while I was on my way to pick up Gambit, I bumped up with Blade. The Blade came with a weird bike he stole from one of the X-Men's most fiercest member, Wolverine. I'm not sure how but he had it. :D

These Blade came with its coat but it wasn't in good condition, so I took it off for a while and forgot to don it back on Blade during photo shoot. One thing that makes me not quite happy is its articulation on his bottom part as I can't get him on the right proportion.

Plus the neck is not like another Marvel Legends so I think i will face some difficulty to find another body that can suit these vampire slayer.

Well, as I said Blade comes with a bike, I took the bike and give it back to Logan, as I don't want my collection to be ruined by the beast. Hehe... As a trade, I bought Blade a new bike, more speed, more blazing than Logan's bike, Ducati Monster 2011. Muahahaha.

Do you see how monstrous the bike and the Blade? Hehe...

Can you feel the manlihood? Blade, a blade and a bike. ;)

Here is another 1 action figure i've been waiting for quite some time and now it's mine!!

Well, these Gambit is not the one I expected to but the another one from the latest (I'm not sure from which series). But seems like I won't buy it as all of the prices are way too insane. Huhu.

but still I love these one. :)