Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Superb Iron Man Hall Of Armors

You can definitely tell that I love Ironman very much. I does not simply collect Hot Toys Iron Man only but more. I have few more collections of the iron Man including statues, iPhone case and more.

But there was something very amazing I found yesterday. I was scrolling on the Internet and found an amazing photos shared by an amazing person named 'Because Batman'.

But ironically it doesn't about Batman that amazed me.

Yes it was about the Iron Man.

This man shared a few photos featuring a hall of armors which there were around 33 armors excluding Tony Stark and Pepper Pots.

Even though it doesn't appear to be as accurate as the movie's Hall of Armors, what I can say is that these structures and his creativity is meant to be praised.

Most of the Iron Man inside this hall of armor were custom-made.

I can say the development of these Lego structures are very interested and can be one of the guide for you guys who wish to do the same.

I am sharing with you guys some of the awesome photos taken from the 'Because Batman' site for you to enjoy. :)


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