Sunday, November 17, 2013

Iron Man Collection Update

Not gonna say much, currently (and seems like foreverly) I am in love with Iron Man and crazily collecting as many Iron Man I can including these bloody crap Hot Toys, though the prices are like *sniffle...

<< Technical Error, can't place video here but this is the link >>

Right in front of you guys is my current Hot Toys collection, which consists of Iron Man and Tony Stark. I'll update my other Iron Man collection and few tips on how to get cheaper Tony Stark headsculpt which very useful if you guys are from Malaysia.
My favorite armors, esp Heartbreaker <3 td="">
Rarely seen : Iron Man suits with Mark 7 Tony Stark's headsculpt
Anyway, free desktop wallpaper, take it, have a nice day!! :3

Link is HERE!


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